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The Western Washington Repeater Association (WWRA) manages a few amateur radio repeaters that include an APRS Digipeater (144.390MHz) with accompanying weather station, and two voice repeaters UHF (442.650MHz t103.5Hz) and VHF (146.620MHz t103.5Hz). Both of these voice repeaters have local and long distance telephone AUTOPATCH for supporting members. The UHF repeater has Echolink capability. Supporting members can also access local voice weather reporting of conditions at Gold Mountain. The digipeater and both repeaters are situated on Gold Mountain seven miles West of Bremerton, Washington at 47° 32´ 52´´ N, 122° 48´ 27´´ W. Bremerton is located west of Seattle across Puget Sound. The VHF repeater is an especially good repeater and has optimum coverage from Vancouver, B.C. to Vancouver, WA throughout Puget Sound and most of western Washington along the I-5 corridor. The purpose of this web page is to inform the public, association members and amateurs in general about our group and its activities. The WWRA repeaters are automatically available to local DEM in the event of a regional disaster.

Since the WWRA is a wide area repeater we are an association, not a radio club. Due to the location defining unique maintenance costs all continuous users are requested via U.S. Mail to become supporting members of a Member owned communications system. The WWRA also sends welcome information to brand new amateurs. We keep our widely dispersed Members informed by occasional email bulletins and this web page. We have one general membership meeting a year that is usually the last Saturday in January. The Board of Directors has one meeting a year just prior to the general meeting and board members can be contacted on the air, via email and U.S. Mail. The Operations Committee accomplishes all technical work on the repeaters and makes several trips annually to Gold Mountain. The Board and Committee are the management team who are elected at the annual meeting. All equipment is membership owned. The VHF repeater has been operating for almost 40 years. Learn about all the operations work by clicking on the Ops TASKS button on this page. Ops Tasks is technical log for Ops volunteers updated frequently providing and insight into what is going on to enhance your communications hobby. The Ops Committee is always looking for a few good technically interested persons.

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